14. Apr 2022 · Actualia (engl.)

Botanik-Tagung: integrating scientific disciplines, open travel grants and early bird gains

More than 400 contributions from various scientific plant science disciplines were submitted for our upcoming - International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences (Botanik-Tagung, #BT2022DBG) so that the scientific committee in Bonn around organiser Prof. Andreas Meyer now cares for selection, feedback and programme organisation. Early career scientists who are members of our society are invited to apply for one of our remaining travel grants until 24th May 2022 in case they haven’t already done so. Membership applications are possible even now and are available with a 2-year test membership status for only 20 Euros per year. Early bird registration rates will be effective until 31st May 2022 and are especially attractive for early career plant scientists. Our conference not only presents scientific exchange of ideas and research results but also offers multiple networking possibilities. 

to conference website

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14. Apr 2022 · Actualia (engl.)

Deadline extended for International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences

The deadline for abstract submission for posters and talks for our International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences (Botanik-Tagung) was extended to 6th May 2022. This enables more early career scientists to receive one of our travel grants. More information and other deadlines are summarized at summary page of our Conference #BT2022DBG.

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14. Apr 2022 · Actualia (engl.) · Conference Report

Phykologie-Konferenz für den Nachwuchs

Sorry, in German only

Vom 16. bis 17. März 2022 veranstaltete die Sektion Phykologie der DBG zum ersten Mal ein Online-Meeting für Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen, um den Abstand zum nächsten Sektionstreffen nicht zu groß werden zu lassen. Das Online-Meeting, welches an den beiden Nachmittagen stattfand, war gut besucht, es waren bis zu 65 Personen gleichzeitig zugeschaltet. Dank des Organisationsteams fand nach den 20 Vorträgen der Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen ein reger wissenschaftlicher Austausch über eine Vielzahl von Forschungsthemen von Ökologie, über Molekular- und Biotechnologie bis hin zu taxonomischen Themen statt. Professor Andreas Holzinger berichtet über die Themen des Treffens.

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06. Apr 2022 · Actualia (engl.) · Conference Report

35. Tagung Molecular Biology of Plants (MBP2022)

Mehrere hundert Teilnehmende von fünf Kontinenten und aus 38 Ländern hatten sich zur Tagung angemeldet, bei der Dr. David Spencer (unten links) den SciComm-Preis von Laudatorin Prof. Dr. Andrea Bräutigam (oben links) erhielt. Dem Team um Hauptorganisator Prof. Dr. Marcel Quint (Mitte links), mit Prof. Dr. Ute Höcker, Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer und Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hell (rechts von oben nach unten), gelang eine interessante virtuelle Veranstaltung. Grafik und Screenshots: SPPMB

Sorry, in German only

Eigentlich wollten wir Neues bei der 35. Tagung Molecular Biology of Plants (MBP2022) ausprobieren. Denn aufgrund der Schließung der langjährigen Tagungsherberge in Dabringhausen, mussten die Organisator*innen einen neuen Veranstaltungsort finden. Das gelang im vergangenen Sommer, als die Sportschule Hennef - ansonsten Heimat der sportlichen Elite - als neuer Konferenzort gewonnen werden konnte. Wenn auch nicht ganz so abgeschieden wie das Haus Maria in der Aue, so versprach die Sportschule doch, eine ähnliche Tagungsatmosphäre mit viel Raum für wissenschaftlichen Austausch zu bieten, so wie früher in Dabringhausen. Doch leider machte dem die Pandemie - wie auch im Jahr zuvor - einen Strich durch die Rechnung, so dass auch MBP2022 wieder nur online stattfinden konnte. Das Organisationsteam mit Marcel Quint (Halle), Andreas Meyer (Bonn), Ute Höcker (Köln) und Rüdiger Hell (Heidelberg), technisch verstärkt durch Fabian Haas (Marburg), berichtet von der seit 1988 jährlich stattfindenden Konferenz der Sektion Pflanzenphysiologie und Molekularbiologie, zu der sich mehr als 300 Teilnehmende gleichzeitig am 15. und 16. Februar zusammenschalteten. Neu waren auch ein wissenschaftlicher Preis sowie eine Out of Academia Session.

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28. Mar 2022 · Actualia (engl.) · DBG

Upcoming Member Assembly

DBG’s Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Caroline Müller, invites to the next member assembly and board elections to Bonn, Germany, on 31st August 2022, 12:30 –2:00 pm. We will meet during our Botanik-Tagung, International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences, in Lecture Hall X at Bonn University, Germany. A lunch package will be served. Müller’s invitation provides the agenda topics. All board members are looking forward to welcome you in Bonn.

Invitation and agenda (pdf)

04. Feb 2022 · Actualia (engl.)

100 Travel Grants for young scientists

To support participation of early career plant scientists in our International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences (Botanik-Tagung 2022), DBG provides a maximum of 100 travel grants up to 350 Euros each for participants, who actively take part in the conference with a talk or a poster. DBG reimburses traveling and accommodation costs as well as registration fees. Grants will be allocated according to the order in which applications are received. Being fast therefore is of advantage.

Details are in our intranet (login required)

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02. Feb 2022 · Actualia (engl.)

Nomination call for three awards

The nominations for the three prestigious awards for aspiring early career plant scientists are open now. DBG members and others, please nominate suitable candidates for the Eduard Strasburger Prize, the Wilhelm Pfeffer Prize and the Horst Wiehe Prize. Deadlines are 15th April 2022 for each of them. 

Summary: table (pdf, in German)

27. Jan 2022 · Actualia (engl.)

Invitation to Botanik-Tagung 2022

Conference flyer for the upcoming Botanik-Tagung 2022 (pdf)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer and his organizing committee invite all plant scientists to take part in Botanik-Tagung, International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences, in Bonn, Germany. 

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are back! Delayed by one year, we are now able to organize and run the next International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences (Botanik-Tagung 2022) as an in-person conference. On behalf of the German Society for Plant Sciences, I would like to invite you to Bonn for a lively exchange on the latest discoveries in plant sciences.
For more than 200 years, plant research has been a key research area at the University of Bonn, both at the basic level and as an applied science in agriculture. Plant research in Bonn is connected with names like Julius von Sachs, Wilhelm Pfeffer, Robert Caspary and of course Eduard Strasburger, who all worked in Bonn and set footprints that we still see today. Drawing on the spirit of translational research that has been established in Bonn for two centuries, the organizing committee put together a conference program that emphasizes the importance of Plant Sciences for a Sustainable Future in 8 plenary talks, 21 symposia and a number of workshops. Together with my colleagues, I would be thrilled if you take the opportunity to participate in this in-person meeting and actively engage in presenting and discussing current work
and ideas in Bonn. The City of Bonn welcomes you at the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven on the Rhine, a city with plenty of history and today a forward-looking, colorful, and charming international location.
See for yourself what variety is offered to you here both in science and beyond!
Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer

Read more in our flyer that lists the conference's topics and introduces travel grants for early career scientists:

11. Jan 2022 · Actualia (engl.) · Promoting young researchers

Prizes for the best Master theses awarded

Awardees received their certificates from the responsible contact persons of the DBG. The photos visualize two presentations of certificates as well as a glimpse into the diversity of research topics. Photos (clockwise, starting top left): Raphael von Büren, Maleen Hartenstein, Maxim Faroux, Julia Metzsch, Andreas Holzinger, Paul Buschbeck, Andreas Weber

16 excellent Master theses in the plant sciences were awarded by our Society in the preceding year. The awarded persons (twelve female and four male scientists) did research in the following topics and questions:  

At which site parasites infect host plants; how plant defence strategies against pathogenic bacteria evolved; plant-microbe interactions; evolution of C3-C4 intermediate photosynthesis; localization of membrane transport proteins; genetic structure of allopolyploid marsh orchids; karyotype evolution in sugar beet; role of cyclophilin in the redox regulatory network; status of the threatened plant Sand Silvercrack; terpene biosynthesis in cyanobacteria; functional characterization of enzymes involved in violaxanthin biosynthesis; pathogen hypersusceptibility and defence in Arabidopsis suppressor mutants; localization analysis of enzymes involved in Lewis a-epitope formation; glutaredoxins as well as habitat requirements of alpine tussock graminoids.

The prizes, which have been awarded for eight years in a row by now, are supported by a certificate and a financial appreciation and were coordinated at the participating universities thanks to DBG’s local representatives. DBG congratulates all awardees, thanks the contact persons involved and wishes all awardees success in their further careers.  

All awardees’ names and titles of the master theses are listed here

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