Notices for DBG members

In Actualia the German Society for Plant Sciences (Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft, DBG) publishes all information from and for its members. The Acualia inform about the members' meetings at the Botanikertagungen as well as about all calls for the prizes the DBG awards to young scientists. The Actualia also publishes reports about those meetings and conferences the DBG has sponsorted or were the DBG has served as patron.

Prof. Dr. Jutta Ludwig-Müller Dresden, on behalf of the DBG board edits the Actualia since May 2020. Before that, Prof. Dr. Christian Wilhelm edited the Actualia.

All information prior to the year 2007 were published in the printed version of the societies' journal Plant Biology (Wiley).

Guidelines for authors

Your Conference Report for our Actualia (pdf-Datei)

Ihr Bericht über den Eduard Strasbruger-Workshop für die Actualia (pdf-Datei)

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