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DBG-Members collaborate mainly with partners in the USA

Collaborating partners of DBG members [per mille] in March 2012 (please click to enlarge)

According to our poll many of the DBG members are collaborating with partners working in the USA (41%), France (24%) or Great Britain (19%). Almost every tenth works together with scientists from Australia, Spain, the Netherlands or Austria (10% each) as well as Switzerland (9%) or Sweden (7%; multiple answers were possible). Some are cooperating internationally with partners from Germany (11%), presumably members of the DBG who aren’t residents (cannot be verified since the poll was carried out anonymously). More than 388 members have participated in the survey done in March and April 2012 and contributed to the data shown in the map above. This means a response rate of almost 45% of all members who were assessed either by electronic mail or by post.