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Botanikertagung 2011: a retrospective

About 900 plant scientists from 30 different countries came to Berlin to visit the international Botanikertagung. The motto this time was "diversity makes the difference". Presenting more than 210 talks and 700 scientific posters ranging over all plant science disciplines the meeting provided an excellent update on current research. In the open evening lecture, Professor Wilhelm Gruissem addressed the issue how to feed the world in 2050. He also explained the importance of plant sciences, modern breeding techniques and genetic engineering.
Conference gleanings by Professor Dr. Reinhard Kunze and Professor Dr. Bernhard Grimm

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Election: Karl-Josef Dietz becomes president

  • Professor Karl-Josef Dietz elected as new President
  • Dr. Thomas Janßen elected as new Secretary
  • Professor Dr. Ralf Mendel elected to become a member of the extendet board

Accoring to statutes they are commencing their offices on January 1st next year.

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Invitation: Botanikertagung 2011

The chairs, Professor Reinhard Kunze and Professor Bernhard Grimm invite for the international Botanikertagung, which will take place from 18 - 23 September in Berlin, Germany, under the title "Diversity makes the Difference".

Details about Botanikertagung in the flyer (pdf file)

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