"It was an experience of a lifetime"

How Stacy Krueger summarizes her stay at a Cologne institute

In her final evaluation report fellow Stacy Krueger states about her visit of an Cologne institute working with algae, in which she worked in 2006 with the team of DBG member PD Dr. Burkhard Becker:

„… My experience in Germany, through the generous donations from the DAAD and the German Botanical Society (and my parents), is one that really is difficult to articulate in the written word. I entered the internship a little scared of leaving my home and parents, who odd as it may be to some of my peers, are my best friends. I left Germany feeling part of a new family, in Sabina, Thomas (and their respective families), and Walter. I learned more about myself in all respects than I could have ever hoped for. The internship furthered my career in three major ways. The first way was through the techniques I learned while working in Dr. Becker’s research group. I absorbed liters of information about molecular techniques and algae. Second, the internship created the opportunity to make contacts with various German professors that will help my future career in academia. Finally, third, and probably most important, was the self-confidence and poise that I found within myself. I left Los Angeles wide-eyed dreaming of Europe with a Bachelor’s just under my belt and returned a more mature and enriched adult. I will always feel incredibly fortunate that such an opportunity was shown to me by my advisors and that a favorable decision was made in response to my application materials. It was an experience of a lifetime.”

The internship of Keurger wasmediated by the DAAD's RISE-programm and sponsored through the DBG