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Philipp Zamzow (Bielefeld University)

Orchard in a good maintenance status. The trees show regular pruning of the branches and are surrounded by protective fences. The undergrowth is not mowed too often and the proximity to a forest is given. Picture from 23.05.2018, Photo: Philipp Zamzow

Philipp Zamzow's Master thesis was awarded with the Prize for the Best Plant Science Master Thesis, which was carried out at Bielefeld University in the year 2019.

Title of the thesis: Development and evaluation of selected orchards in the city of Bergkamen between 1990 and 2018

Two aspects were examined in this thesis: On the one hand, the development and the current state of Bergkamen's orchard meadows was recorded and examined, which in the history of the town had only taken place once in 1990. On the other hand, this work served to review the minimum criteria set by the Landesamt für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz (LANUV) for the protection of orchard meadows and pastures.

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