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Excusively from young scientists for young scientists

On application the DBG supports the meetings of young scientists and researchers to further their scientific exchange of expertise. The society especially fosters the building of interdisciplinary and trans-sectional networks among emerging scientists.

The DBG invites applications from young scientists to be funded for the organization of the Eduard Strasburger-Workshop for young scientists. A small group of graduates can apply for the funding under the auspices of a senior scientist from a scientific institution. The workshop is supposed to last about two days (including a networking evening) and shall address 25 to 40 participants. The DBG offers to support such an event with up to 5.000 Euros. 

If you want to conduct a Eduard Strasburger-Workshop please contact the president and submit the necessary application form.

Promoting young researchers

Application and Alert

Applications for the organisation of the workshop can be submitted to the president all year round.

Application and Documentation

Application and documentation (German pdf file)