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Prize for the Best Plant Science Publication

The Wilhelm Pfeffer Foundation awards every other year the best publication with a sum of 1000 Euros. The prize will only be awarded for publications deriving from Diploma, Master or PhD thesis.

Awardees and their paper will be introduced during the upcoming Botanikertagung 2021 and the awarded paper will be listed on DBG's website.

Only members of the German Society for Plant Sciences (DBG) are eligible to submit nominations; self-nomonations are also accepted for this prize.

The Prize, casually speaking Best Paper Prize, can be devided. There is no right to receive the prize.


The following documents should be sent for application:

  • Paper (pdf file)
  • Peer review comments of the journal
  • Letter of reference from the academic advisor of the paper. This should also mention in which context (master, diploma or PhD thesis) this work was carried out.


    Proposals can be submitted each year (31 March); dates are communicated via the website. Please send your application to the president of the Wilhelm Pfeffer Foundation.