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Prize for the Best Plant Science Master Thesis

Every year the DBG awards a prize for the best master thesis in plant science at every participating university. The award comprises a certificate and a 100 Euros prize.

Mode of Application and Awarding Procedure

To apply every young plant science person shall hand his/her master thesis over to the representative the DBG has at every university all year round. Together with other plant science university lecturers who are interested the contact person decides in October which of the master theses is the best. The contact person also decides about the awarding procedure which can be the annual faculty ceremony, a graduation ceremony, or a personal presentation. The award winning thesis will be listed together with the scientist’s name, the title and a short summary on the website of the DBG.

Publication of the Thesis Summary

The summary of the award winning thesis to be published on the DBG website shall contain the name of the prize winner, the title of the thesis, one introductory sentence, one or two sentences about the methods used, and a few easily comprehensible sentences about the results as well as a conclusion or an outlook. We also provide a possibility to enrich the text with one or two graphics to serve as “appetizer” or summarizing image. Please also quote a link where the thesis can be found in the internet to allow further reading. Please send the text as a word file and the images as originals (not included into the word document) within four weeks to the following e-mail: masterarbeit[at]deutsche-botanische-gesellschaft.de