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Awards for four Exceptional Plant Scientists

Use of images and copyrights

Usage of the following images is permitted for reporting this year’s science awards from DBG and the scientific results of the four awardees. Please acknowledge the photographers and obey copyright issues.

Awardee of DBG's Eduard Strasburger Prize 2019: Dr. Constantin Mario Zohner. Photo: Jaimie Crowther
Dr. Constantin Mario Zohner measures leaf chlorophyll contents to analyse the time when trees cease their photosynthetic activity in autumn. Photo: Florian Schwarzfischer
Dr. Jessica Lee Erickson, awardee of the Wilhelm Pfeffer Prize 2019, gets ready for another enzyme test in the lab. Photo: Carolin Alfs
The image depicts epidermal cells in which plant organelles are coloured by a fluorescent marker in a way that the plastids of a non-stressed (left) and a stressed (right) tobacco plant (Nicotiana benthamiana) glow in green. In the stressed plant the extensions, called stromules, are visible. Image: Dr. Jessica Lee Erickson
Dr. Moisés Expósito Alonso, awardee of the second Wilhelm Pfeffer Prize, in the lab at Tübingen. Photo: Jörg Abendroth (Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology)
Dr. Eva-Sophie Wallner, awardee of the Horst Wiehe Prize, harvests seeds of a transgenic thale cress after crossing. In the front are more Arabidopsis thaliana plants of various ages. Photo: Tobias Jung
The awarded scientists (counter clockwise starting top left): Dr. Constantin Mario Zohner, Dr. Eva-Sophie Wallner, Dr. Moisés Expósito Alonso and Dr. Jessica Lee Erickson. Photos: Jaimie Crowther, Jörg Abendroth, Tobias Jung and Carolin Alfs