International Plant Science Conference

The German Society for Plant Sciences (Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft, DBG) organizes an international congress focusing on all plant science disciplines every other year. Members of the DBG usually at this conference at the General Assembly.

29 Jun 2018 · DBG · Internat. Botanikertagung · Event

Botanikertagung 2019

Poster of the Botanikertagung 2019 Conference (pdf)

The next Botanikertagung of the DBG Plant life along gradients is organised by Professor Birgit Piechulla together with her Scientific Board and her organising team at Rostock University from 15–19 September 2019.

Scientific Board:

  • Prof. Dr. Inge Broer
  • Prof. Dr. Bärbel Gerowitt
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Hagemann
  • Prof. Dr. Renate Horn
  • Prof. Dr. Ulf Karsten
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Porembski
  • Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schubert
  • Prof. Dr. Christine Struck

Download conference poster Botanikertagung 2019 (pdf)

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Former Botanikertagung Events

Titel / Title

Präsident / President

Botanikertagung 2017
Christian-Albrechts-Universität (CAU) Kiel, Germany
17 - 21 September 2017

Prof. Dr. Karin Krupinska

Botanikertagung 2015
Freising near Munich, Germany
30 Aug - 3 Sept 2015

Prof. Dr. Dario Leister &
Prof. Dr. Erwin Grill

Deutsche Botanikertagung 2013
Tübingen, Germany

Prof. Dr. Klaus Harter

"Diversity makes the Difference"; Berlin, Germany, 2011

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kunze & 
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Grimm Conference Gleanings [Link]

"Plants for the Future", Leipzig, Germany, 2009

Prof. Dr. Christian Wilhelm

"125 Jahre Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft", Hamburg, Germany, 2007

Prof. Dr. Michael Böttger