The board of trustees of the DBG awards this medal to meritious members (see § 27 of the constitution).

Persons decorated with the Simon-Schwendener-Medal

The following people received this honor:

Klaus-Jürgen Appenroth, Photo: private

PD. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Appenroth, Jena

For his great dedication towards the DBG, the president of the Society, Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Dietz, awarded the Simon Schwendener-Medal to PD Dr. Klaus Jürgen Appenroth. The duckweed expert had taken over the steering wheel in tough times and executed the treasurer function for many years. The Society is very thankful for his commitment (granted in 2015).
deed (pdf)
laudatio (pdf)

Roswitha Schönwitz, Photo: Erwin Beck, Universität Bayreuth.

Dr. Roswitha Schönwitz, Bonn

For her commitment to further plant sciences and research on ecosystems and biodiversity, which she promoted as programme director of the German Science Foundation (DFG). The medal was also awarded for her dedication to put the botanic discipline in a very good national and international position (granted in 2009).
Laudatio (pdf)

Hannelore Schmidt;
Photo: Johannes Martens, Stiftung Naturschutz Hamburg

Prof. Dr. hc. Dr. hc. Hannelore Schmidt, Hamburg

For her merits in the promotion of plant sciences, the protection of nature in a scientific manner and the promotion of botanical gardens in Germany
(granted in 2002)
Laudatio (pdf)

Günther Hauff
Photo: Thieme Verlag

Dr. med. h.c. Günther Hauff, Stuttgart

For his merits as editor of "Botanica Acta" and "Plant Biology", the journals of the DBG
(granted in 2000)
Obituary (pdf) from Prof. Dr. Wilhem Nultsch, published in Actualia, 2001, N14

Adolf Kuhl
Photo: privat

Dr. Adolf Kuhl, Göttingen

For his merits as the longtime treasurer of the society
(granted in 1998)

Wulf Koch
Photo: SAG, Universität 

Dr. Wulf Koch, Göttingen

For his merits as the longtime secretary of the society
(granted in 1998)