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Horst Wiehe Prize by the DBG

The Horst Wiehe Prize (Förderpreis der Horst-Wiehe-Stiftung) is being awarded every other year for an outstanding scientific work in the field of Botany. It is awarded solely to young scientists upon receiving a doctorate or before becoming a lecturer.

The Prize comprises

  • a document comprising the name of the award winner and the title of the award winning work. The document is underwritten by the president of the German Botanical Society.
  • The award is endowed with € 1500,-. The endowment can increase over time.

The Prize can be allocated to two persons.


Horst Wiehe from Braunschweig, Germany, donated a sum of 50.000 DM (25,564.50 Euro) to the DBG from which the "Förderpreis der Horst-Wiehe-Stiftung" is being awarded. The board of the DBG accepted the Foundation in 1990 for which Horst Wiehe set the statutes.