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German Botanical Society
(DBG: Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft e. V.)


The German Botanical Society (DBG: Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft e.V.) represents the plant sciences and is the largest society for plant scientists in the German-speaking countries. It advances scientific botany nationally and internationally.

Here we'd like to inform you about our objectives, our activities and our sections which advance different fields of plant sciences. We also describe the scientific awards for prospective scientists which are presented by our society. With this internet site we want to network and inform plant scientists. News are posted in the "Actualia". Every other year we organize the international "Botanikertagung".

The DBG is one of the oldest botanical societies in the world which still is active. It is a non-profit organisation and is a member of the VBIO (German Life Sciences Association) and of the DNK, the German National Committee, which represents German biologists in international organisations. The society is also networked with international umbrella organisations (FESPB and EPSO).

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Invitation: Internat. Botanikertagung 2015 near Munich
20th Jan. 2015

Programme of the first Eduard Strasbruger Workshop
6th Sept. 2014

Actualia: Call: Natural Products Workshop
28th July 2014

Actualia: Report Sulfur Workshop
22nd May 2014

Award for Master Theses
10th April 2014

Actualia: Report - TimeTrees Symposium
3rd Jan. 2014

Intranet: Destinations for excursions and internships
17th July 2013


23rd Jan. 2015

several research positions
21st Jan. 2015

PhD Scholarships
23rd Dec. 2014

2 PhD positions
11th Dec. 2014

13 PhD positions
3rd Dec. 2014

4 PhD, 2 PostDoc positions, 1 Lab Manager
1st Dec. 2014

14 PhD positions
21st Nov. 2014

14 PostDoc positions
20th Nov. 2014

PhD position
18th Nov. 2014

1 PhD, 1 Postdoc position, 1 Professorship
5th Nov. 2014

Assoc. Prof.
29th Oct. 2014

PhD position
23rd Oct. 2014

Assoc. Professor position
16th Oct. 2014

5 Assist. Professor positions
14th Oct. 2014

Postdoc position
13th Oct. 2014

3 Postdoc, 1 Director position
9th Oct. 2014

7th Oct. 2014

PhD position
2nd Oct. 2014

Ass. Prof.
30th Sept. 2014

2 PostDoc & 2 PhD positions
23rd Sept. 2014

2 PostDoc & 2 PhD positions
22nd Sept. 2014

2 PhD positions
19th Sept. 2014

16th Sept. 2014

2 Curators, W3-professur
6th Sept. 2014

2 PhD, 1 Post Doc positions
21st August 2014

5 PhD positions
13th August 2014

3 PhD positions
22nd July 2014

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Positions
16th July 2014

15th July 2014

24th June 2014

Postdoc, Professor positions
23rd June 2014


30th Aug. - 3rd Sept. 2015 in Munich


Plant Biology

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